Most students at Griffiths don’t like the idea of starting our yearly fitness test. Students don’t really know why we have gold shorts testing we just kinda do it because we are told to. In my opinion, I’ve never liked gold shorts testing at all. My first year at Griffiths I  tried my best, but as an eighth grader I don’t really see the point of testing or trying at all because if I do get royal blue or gold shorts we won’t be here next year to “show them off.” I think royal blue and gold shorts kind of sets a standard or idea of what athletics is. To see what students thought about the yearly fitness testing I interviewed two student grade levels to find out their side of the question. Fatima Berdeja an eighth-grader told me ” I’ve never liked the gold shorts testing(fitness testing) because I find it unnecessary and I never really know why we do it. And I really don’t mind my scores. ”  The second student, a seventh grader,  Daniel Fajardo told me “It’s cool I really don’t mind  the gold shorts testing, but I don’t like the mile so I just walk it.”  One of my friends told me ” I believe it is unnecessary for eighth graders to take the gold shorts testing since we will not be here next year to wear the shorts that are sold for $10. I know that it isn’t mandatory to buy them but why make it affect your grade if you do bad?” There are many opinions on what GMS students think, some will try their best, others will not try because they don’t find it important.