Real  Madrid have had one of their worst seasons in the history of their club without even winning a single trophy. This all happened due to the club not having one of their best Managers Zinedine Zidane who helped the club win 3 straight champions league trophies. Once Zidane decided to step down as manager everything went down hill for the team. Their new coach Santiago Solari did not even get along with some of the players!

Hopefully Zidane coming back, will be able to change up this season. Even though Los blancs have been knocked out of the champions league, Copa Del Rey and don’t even stand a chance at winning la liga. Zidane will be able to hopefully be able to bring the team back on top where they belong.

One main issue for Madrid’s bad season was the fact that their old manager would never even play some of the best players and almost always leave them on the bench! He wouldn’t speak to some of the players and some of the long time players wanted to leave the club due to the manager treating them unfairly.

Now that Zidane is back Real madrid have won both of the games they have played with their new manager. Many fans were beginning to lose hope on their club but now many will have a lot of hope in their club and we all believe Real Madrid will be back in the spotlight.