The book ¨The Giver¨ written by Lois Lowry is about an eleven-year-old boy named Jonas. Jonas lives in a so-called ¨Perfect¨ society somewhere in the future. In his society, there can be no suffering, war, music, hunger, color, or love.

The people who control this society are called ¨The Elders.” The Elders decide everything for the people in Jonas´s society. They determine one’s children, who they marry, and their profession. At the age of twelve, The Elders assign people their profession. Since Jonas recently turned twelve it is his turn to attend the ceremony where his profession will be given to him. During the ceremony, Jonas is skipped to later be given an important job as a ¨Receiver of Memory.¨ Being the Receiver of Memory is such a big deal that Jonas is not allowed to speak about his training. He begins to see his world differently once he begins to discover the truths that are hidden from everyone else.

Something I really liked about the book was the great use of description. The describing words in the book really help you visualize what the author is trying to tell you. I also liked the rush of excitement and suspense this book gives you. When Jonas was skipped at the ceremony I was very intrigued to find out why.

What I learned reading this book was that you don´t always have to play by society´s rules and that not everything will be how it´s perceived to be. Another thing I learned from this book is that everything can´t be perfect and to accept the real world and do your best to do what you think is right. I think others will also learn that one should not believe everything you are told.

I would recommend this book to people who like futuristic books. I found this book very interesting and suspenseful, overall this is a great book. I enjoyed the different rush of feelings this book gave me and how it always had me thinking ¨What is going to happen next!?.¨ I would rate this book an A.