Billie Eilish is a new trending artist. She currently has the number 1 spot of sold albums in 2019. Her new album ,”When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”, has Billie being the talk of the century. Although the 17 year old is not everyone’s cup of tea, she has many loyal fans but she also has many people raising an eyebrow at her strange and bold lyrics. Billie is not afraid to say whatever is on her mind, and is very in touch with her feelings and is not afraid of letting people know whats going on in her head. Billie has an angelic voice but dark and bold lyrics. Billie puts herself in others point of views and sings about her own personal experiences. Not everyone agrees with Billie’s lyrics though, as they find it eerie, and unsettling. Teens feel very connected to Billie and her lyrics, she connects with her audience on an emotional level, letting her fans know she may be a superstar, but shes human too, just like all of us.

I interviewed Miranda Pelayo and Melanie Cotoc about their opinions on her. “My opinion on Billie Eilish is that I think shes a very talented and creative artist. I also think that she has a very differen  approach to her music and the way she expresses it visually. I like her music, it’s cool.” says Melanie. Miranda says, “I think Billie is awesome, especially the way she says whats on her mind and how way she thinks puzzles a lot of people. Her music makes us see the world the way she sees it. Billie is really down to earth.”

What’s your opinion on Billie Eilish?