This week teacher all around the U.S and the world is getting appreciated for their hard work. Millions of students are appreciating there teachers this week because there are teachers who work very hard, and deserve to be appreciated, and lots of students don’t see it. This year Teacher appreciation week is on May 6 until May 10. Teacher Appreciation Week partly started in 1980 when congress declared May 7th National Teacher day. Teacher Appreciation week didn’t start until 5 years later when the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation week as the first full week of May. Our teachers at Griffiths Middle School deserve to be recognized for doing superior at educating all students  here at GMS. And it is always welcome to appreciate your teachers even after Teacher Appreciation Week.

” I plan on visiting my sixth grade teachers to thank them before I leave to High school” says 8th grader Laci Lopez.

” I would like to give my teachers gifts or gift cards to say thank you” says 8th grader Abigail Juarez.