As the weather starts to heat up in the North Pole it has researchers saying that pretty soon it will be ice-free.

With temperature only rising from now to about July it is estimated that the highest temperature will be about 71F, which is 39 degree warmer from the melting point of ice.  As 71 degrees may not seem a lot it shows that from data collected from 1982-2012 the average temperature was about 61 degrees, so it has risen 10 degrees.

From  one of INDEPENDENT’s most resent article called Climate crisis: North pole ‘soon to be ice free in summer’, scientists say, has information from the University of Hamburg’s leader of sea-ice Dirk Notz saying,“If we reduce global emissions rapidly and substantially, and thus keep global warming below 2C (35.6F) relative to preindustrial levels, Arctic sea ice will nevertheless likely disappear occasionally in summer even before 2050. This really surprised us.”

The North Pole experiences its times were the ice melts really fast every year, but during the winter it helps restore some of the ice that was melted.