The country has been on lock down since March of 2020 which has made lots businesses close, but animal shelters in Arkansas have found a way for people to still adopt a animal.

These animals shelters in Arkansas have taken animal adopting online to make a safer way to get a pet right now.  The shelters are still committed to finding homes these animals, while staying safe during this pandemic.  How it works is the person has to fill out an online application for the animal they like, if they get approved they schedule an appointment to meet the animal.  Shelters have said since they started this process tons of adoptions made.

Pulaski County Humane Society board president Debbie Howell has come out and said,”When you work with someone online, you have to be really really careful to check the source behind it.”  Debbie Howell said this because puppy season is coming up and she doesn’t want people to get scammed.

Since almost everyone is at home right now it is a great time to adopt an animal because you more time to spend ans train it.