By: Camila Corona

When many enter high school the one thing they want to do is to learn how to drive and buy a car and get their license.  However, it is also possible to obtain a pilot’s license instead.  It costs more but it can be flexible, and having a license is very useful. Getting a pilot’s license may seem very difficult but in reality, it’s very easy.

There are different types of pilot licenses that one can obtain or obtain, some of which include a private pilot’s license, a recreational pilot’s license, or a commercial pilot’s license. There are two parts to obtaining a pilot’s license, the first part is the ground school, and this can cost money, but sometimes the cost is lower if you do it online, and it is not different from going To online school since the second part of the quarantine is practical lessons where in fact it is a step to charter a plane.

Aircraft rental rates vary according to model, year, and age. The main part of the school of light is essentially studying the main cast of actors that you’ll have to take to get your pilot’s license is the Flying Knowledge Test. It may take anywhere from a few weeks to two months to complete Ground School. Practical lessons and the ground school can be taken simultaneously.

After interviewing a high schooler from Downey high school he responded ¨I think it is very convenient as well as a great opportunity for a future career path.¨ when asked how he feels that learning to fly can be very easy.