Written by: Jamilet Gaspar, Jocelyn Carrasco

People living on Hawaiian islands report seeing strange lights in the sky on Saturday night, October 24th 2020 at about 10pm. People reported the lights traveling East. 

Witnesses report that it looked like a plane-like figure with lights and that it was as big as a football field. Although this huge plane-like object did not make any sound which threw witnesses off. Some say it could’ve just been a meteor shower, others believe it was some sort of UFO, no one was completely sure. 

This object turned out to be Starlink satellites. Starlink satellites are internet constellations being constructed by SpaceX and are launched to provide internet access. They usually consist of thousands of mass-produced small satellites. People have reported seeing the Starlink satellites before, but this time the lights seemed to be more scattered, as for previous sightings have been seen in a straight line with little to no gaps. 

SpaceX, who own Starlink satellites, later announced they released about 60 Starlink satellites. Astronomers believe differently, they believe that the lights were actually a result of debris from a rocket re-entry. SpaceX also plans on launching a rocket on November 14th 2020. November 2020 will also be SpaceX’s 21st resupply mission for NASA.

Things like this aren’t rare, but they are rare to witness. You would have to be at the right angle at the right time.

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