Super Bowl and Covid-19

By: Jocelyn Carrasco

As we know, the Super bowl is coming up. This means people will visit others homes to watch it with them. This can make positive Covid-19 cases rise. 

The NFL announced that they would distribute kits that would include hand sanitizer and masks to the fans that would be attending the Super Bowl. It will be mandatory for fans, coaches and players to wear a mask at this event for others, and their own safety. Social distancing will also take place according to Jeff Miller. About 75,000 workers have been vaccinated. The number of seats will also be reduced to 25,000 seats for social distancing.

The only thing people are worrying about is when everyone moves around to other parts of the stadium, this can lead fans at risk of getting Covid-19 themselves if they are not careful. Kissler, a researcher in the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, said that people who may be gathering in lines to enter the stadium or waiting for food and such are most likely going to spread droplets containing Covid-19. The NFL has decided to customize entry points to reduce this happening. Barker announced that no one shall be in front, nor behind someone.

Everything seems to be fine and safe. The NFL is making the decisions they need to to make sure their players, the coaches, and their fans are safe. The Super bowl will still go on.