By J. Jones

Two years ago there was a special day around Halloween where all the students can bring their Halloween costumes to school. There were costumes contests and a special ASB event where they gave candy and we all had a blast. However, the tradition was soon banned. That was the last we heard of this beloved occasion, but why was this Spirit Day banned from school? It wasn’t like we were breaking dress code, nobody got hurt, or complained about it. It was just a bunch of harmless fun. So, why should we bring back Halloween costumes, what are the benefits?  A lot of students in our school think school is stressful, wouldn’t this event allow students to relax a bit. Also, this occasion allowed students to pick their own costumes, it allows them to show their creativity and interests. Giving students an opportunity to meet new friends and share a common interest. One of the school’s counselors Mr. Toledo believes that Halloween should be celebrated at home, that there is already enough activities you can do at home so, why not celebrate it at home.  However, I do feel that we should celebrate at school because we don’t even get a free day on Halloween, yet we do on Columbus Day and that guy wasn’t exactly the nicest guy on the block. So why is this event banned? There are so many benefits and love for this event. So Griffiths Middle School tell me why we can’t bring this occasion back from the dead.