By: Amelia Najar
In America education is free, we have many schools such as UCLA, Harvard, and Yale. We also have many choices from what we want to study to where we study. However every system is flawed in some way. Why don´t we learn anything useful for the ¨real world¨ or common knowledge an adult has? Yes we learn math, science, and English but after a while what exactly are they teaching us. Most of the math problems or theory’s we learn are not going to be used on a day-to-day basis. We also don´t learn about taxes or we don´t learn about how to take care of yourself. Why should it be required to learn a foreign language when most people today can´t even visit the country or state because they can barely afford rent? That´s another problem, money, if education is free why should we have to pay for books and materials for projects. But that´s not even thinking about what the kids have to go through. Most kids only care about passing that one test and once they move on that knowledge is out the door and not back in their brain until it is used on another assignment. Did you also know that most colleges don´t even look at the writing portion of the SAT, all that work down the drain when all they check is if they passed the test. Tests are also a big problem, most schools do a big end of the year test to see how well the school is doing academically. Many teachers have confessed that they want the students to do well so they don´t lose there jobs. No wonder most kids score go down at the end of the year test, why should they care if their teachers just want to keep their job. Lastly the most common problem, school is seen as a competition. Most kids just want to do better than their peers and will go as far as cheating and plagiarizing. This just proves that they don´t want to keep this knowledge, they just want to prove a point. These are only a few of the problems and it all comes down to are we really sacrificing all of our time to put children in a system that stresses and causes mental illness just so they can write essays and come home with many math problems adults don´t know how to solve? Still though we are grateful that we even get the opportunity to go to school but after a while are we evening learning anymore?