By: Caeleb V 

The Wizard of Oz’s scarecrow costume

Star Wars to Wizard of Oz, many movies have memorable items and costumes that anyone can recognize. A certain museum has gained a popular item almost anyone can recall. The National Museum of American History raised enough money ($300,000) in under a month to take care of 1/4 iconic ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Yes, the one and only, Dorothy’s slippers. The whereabouts of the other 3 are unknown, probably destroyed or lost, but one man had the pair stolen from him in 2005 and the owner was Michael Shaw the lost slippers are still yet to be found today. To add to the Wizard of Oz subject, to display the actor, Ray Bolger’s costume of the scarecrow the museum will need to raise some more money ($85,000) to care for it. These movie memorabilia will be on display at the museum for your eyes to see! If they receive the amount needed they will display it next to the famous ruby slippers in a exhibit scheduled to be opened in 2018. Even though when they raise enough money to display the scarecrow’s original costume, it wont be there permanently due it’s old age and how delicate it is. It is unknown how long it will be displayed after they complete the campaign. Since the Wizard of Oz came out on August 25, 1939, most likely way older than you! If you ever want to take a look for yourself and see these famous pop culture items,  The National Museum of American History is located in Washington D.C. The National Museum of American History is filled with pop culture items from movies are famous around the world that you may recall. Over there they had items on display of the movies of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Muppets, and many more just to name a few. Sadly multiple movie famous items are not display because it was not build to last, and imagine all those years ever since it was made until now, their exhibits closed in the past years. The ruby slippers have been on display before and the scare crow’s hat and boots too, and the exhibit was closed on March 16, 2012, but now it will be reappearing with the whole scarecrow’s costume soon.

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers