What subject do you teach? What room are you in? 

The subject I teach is English, and I teach in room 77.


How many years have you been teaching?  

I’ve been teaching for 9 years.


What college did you go to? 

I went UCLA and LMU.


What school did you work at before coming to GMS? Where is that? 

I went to Camino Nuevo Charter Middle School and it’s located in Echo Park.


Why do you like teaching?/ Why did you become a teacher? 

I became a teacher because I wanted to help students see there full potential, and so they can have a good           future.


What is your funniest, most embarrassing, or best teaching moment? 

My best teaching moment was my 1st year of teaching, when I only had 36 students and it felt like my very own family, which made it very special.

Worst teaching moment. 

Not necessarily my worst teaching moment, but when I was calling home to one the students parents, at 8:00,  the parents didn’t know where their child/daughter was, then I realized that they had something way more  important than the little thing I was going to say to the parent. (More of a heavy moment)

Do you like sports? If so what is your favorite team? 

My favorite sport is soccer and I don’t have a favorite team.


I like to color and take pictures in my spare time.


What advice would you give your students? 

I would say to them that where there’s a will there’s a way. I say this because if you really want something,  there’s going to be a way to fulfill that duty.