29543893213_87e10339dc_zBy Nathan A.

This month I had the chance to learn and get to know the members and the organization called Builder’s Club. I interviewed some of the Builders Club leaders such as Mayalyn Guadarrama, Ilene Mier, Jasmine Howard, Sophia Escandon, and Natalia Penarrieta . I had the opportunity to ask them some questions. Ilene has the job of being surgeon at arms, she has been in Builders Club for a year and she said “, It is a great experience, all the members are kind, loving people.” She is looking forward to Keep Downey Beautiful. Jasmine says Builders Club is very lit and her advice to all the new members is, ” To have fun and go with the it.”. Natalia Penarrieta has the job of being the President of Builders Club, she is looking forward to the the Downey Christmas Parade and the GDRF walk. Her advice to all the new members is,  “To be organized and enjoy this organization.” So if you are looking to help our community, they advice you to come talk to Mrs. Romero or Mrs. Worthy if you would like to participate in this club. They are always looking for new members to help keep Downey beautiful.