Seven year-old Olivia Farnsworth has been diagnosed with a rare chromosome 6 deletion which means she never feels tired, hungry, or never feels sleepy. Olivia is nicknamed the ‘bionic’ girl because she never feels pain, no matter how bad it is she will NOT feel pain. An example of that would be when Olivia got hit by a car and got dragged the length of 10 cars and still felt no pain.

      While that was happening to Olivia her mom and all her siblings were screaming with fear but Olivia was just calm like nothing had happened.  After Olivia was dragged she got up and didn’t even notice what had just happened to her.  Her mom, Niki Trepak, said that when Olivia got up after being dragged all Olivia said was “What’s going on?”  The only marks Olivia had after that was a tire mark on her chest and had no skin on her toe or her hip but fortunately she didn’t suffer any severe injuries.

      Olivia also suffers with the problem of not feeling tired, Niki also said that Olivia has went three days without sleeping because she didn’t feel sleepy, since then the doctors have given Olivia medicine so that she can get sleepy and fall asleep. Niki also stated that Olivia rarely cried when she was a baby and she stopped taking naps at the age of 9 months, with that Olivia’s hair also didn’t grow correctly till she was at the age of 4 years old.

      Her last symptom of the chromosome 6 deletion diagnoses is not being hungry. Olivia used to live on only drinking milkshakes but now they have got her to start eating  chicken noodles. Niki also said, ” She lived on butter sandwiches for about a year. She doesn’t feel hunger…”

      Her mom also shared that once Olivia fell and ripped her lip but Olivia didn’t say anything. She also shared that Olivia sometimes randomly  breaks down and can have outbursts of swearing. Olivia once punched and kicked her mom during her breakdown but things could’ve got way worse. Now Nikki is trying to raise awareness for all the people with the rare chromosome 6 deletion because there are many people who have no idea what the diagnosis is and don’t understand why her daughter sometimes breakdowns and starts cussing in public.