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A 10-year-old girl in Florida somehow pried open the jaws of an alligator to save herself from being killed. The girl was sitting in a place that was reserved for swimming when the alligator saw her and went in to bite her leg, where she was sitting the water was only 2 feet deep. Fortunately, there was a man, Emilio Aquino, not so far from her who heard her screaming and quickly went to help her. But before Emilio got there to help her she tried to protect herself and poked the alligator’s nose and then she just pulled down on the alligator’s bottom jaw.

The alligator was 8 feet, 9 inches long and the 10-year-old still managed to pry its jaw open. After the girl pried the alligator’s jaw open the man,Emilio went but she had already done all that could’ve been done herself. The girl was helped by the life guards that were at the lake she was visiting, which was Lake Mary Jane. After the lifeguards helped her, her family drove her to the hospital. The girl was left with puncture wounds behind her knee and in her lower thigh.

You may be wondering how a 10-year-old kid knows how to pry an alligator’s jaw, well she learned to do that while visiting the wildlife attraction, Gatorland. After the incident, the alligator was euthanized and the girl was left with just wounds.