Asteroid 16 Psyche

                    Written by: Jocelyn Carrasco and Bianca Enriquez 


Have you ever wanted to be a billionaire?  Well there is actually a golden asteroid called Asteroid 16 Psyche that can make everyone on Earth a billionaire. 


Asteroid 16 Psyche was discovered by an Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis in March 17, 1852.  This asteroid was discovered by Annibale de Gasparis looking into space and seeing a sparkling rock in between Mars and Jupiter.  At the moment Asteroid 16 Psyche is still orbiting around Jupiter and Mars.  This asteroid is an M-Type asteroid (Metallic), it has a rocky outer layer from its violent collision billions of years ago, and astronomers even say it is shaped like a potato.


Now you maybe wonder when we are taking a trip to get it?  And to answer that NASA is going to take a trip to this asteroid in 2022 that will take till 2026 to be able to arrive where the asteroid is at.  They are taking a trip to research it in space and will not be bringing it back to Earth because the amount of gold it has would wipe out our global economy.  Also, if everyone were to get the amount of gold that makes everyone a billionaire gold would automatically lose its value. 


As stated in the last paragraph, this asteroid will never be brought to Earth. Although this asteroid won’t actually come to Earth, this golden asteroid NASA found was a very cool and exciting find, and it is something Nasa and SpaceX will be learning more about. The year of 2026 will be an exciting year for the space companies, and even others who are interested in 16 Psyche. We will all be waiting on what information this asteroid holds.