The spittlebug is the nymphs form of froghoppers. A spittlebug’s home is made up of white foam which is created by them. They produce this white foam by emitting air to their abdomen into the copious with their watery urine, mixed with sticky liquid to create the bubble formation. Insects breathe through their spiracle which is tiny holes in a tunnel in their bodies. The spittlebug breathes through their foam nest by using their abdomen like a snorkel, they break the surface of the foam and begin to use their abdomen. When the spittlebug is scared, they go deeper into the foam and stop breathing. They use their bubble home as protection as well, it helps not be seen by other predators.  Spittlebugs will soon go into a large bubble where it goes to transform and become a froghopper. The oxygen comes in the big bubble and the air that is outside causes the foam to dry and is less of a barrier. The spittle soon is dry and powdery, the spittlebug is then ready to leave.