20 years after the death of Selena Quintanilla  Hollywood finally decided to give Selena Quintanilla a Hollywood star on November 3, 2017. Fans were happy and excited but fans were upset and tweeted out on Twitter of ¨Why it took them so long to give her a star on Hollywood´s walk of fame that she deserved to have when she was alive.¨ The Grammy-winning singer was shot dead 22 years ago by the president of her fan club. In honor of the singer known for her red lipstick the MAC cosmetics line inspired by her bold lipstick choices. Urban Outfitters and Target carried t-shirt lines featuring Selena. Celebrities known like  Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato dressed up as Selena for Halloween this year.  Selena was best known for her hit song called ¨Como la Flor¨ and ¨ Bibi Bibi Bom Bom ¨ and her English crossover event song called ¨  Dreaming Of You ¨ was released and was No. 22 on the Billboard 100 and now in honor of Selena,November 3 is now known for Selena Day in the city. Selena was among with 34 entertainers selected 300 candidates to receive a new star this year.”This star isn’t just for Selena, but for all Latinas,” the actress said. Selena’s family and fans attended the ceremony, along with actress Eva Longoria, who said the singer had a big influence on her career and identity.