Top Weekly Trends!

These Top Trends are everywhere!

  Clothes:Some girls are mostly wearing jeans with a sweater tucked in, almost everyone is starting to get acrylic nails in dark or very light colors with jewlery, girls wear high-waisted jeans with  copped shirt and sweaters, and some women wear wide long leg pants with a matching shirt as you can call them sets.

   Shoes: Many people continue with the Vans Trend, and the Nike Air Force 1 with different styles and colors.

  Accessories:Many girls still wear mini backpacks with different styles and colors, girls wear belts in a mostly brown or black colors, girls are also getting diffrent styles of ear piercing and nose piercings with different styles of earrings, many girls started wearing Kanken Backpacks as they are very popular, many are wearing bracelets or scrunchies in different colors to match their clothes.

  Hair styles: Most girls are wearing warm colors with mostly waving or straight hair, some even braid a small crown and tie it, they are mostly doing a blond highlight style, most are dying their tips blond or light brown, and some girls are doing messy buns.