Pink usually isn’t a big hit when it comes to marketing, for example, when the popular pen brand, Bic, released the pen, For Her.  Now, KitKat has released the, aesthetically pleasing, pink chocolate that the UK adores.

Made out of ruby cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, Brazil, and Ecuador, gives the chocolate a natural, fruity flavor that contains no artificial flavors.

It is not the first time we’ve seen this rose-colored kitkat bar, though.  Japan and Korea were the first ones to start selling these pink kitkats. Japan is known for its wide variety of different, ¨Kito Kato¨ (Kit Kat ,that also translates as ¨to surely win¨) flavors from green tea, to sushi flavored!

Alex Gonnella, the marketing director for Nestlés UK confectionery business, says, “After the extremely successful launch of KITKAT Chocolatory Sublime Ruby in Japan and South Korea, this is the first time the Ruby chocolate will be available in an iconic four-finger format and we are sure that the Ruby chocolate KITKAT will be a great hit in the UK,”

After the UK, this pink KitKat will try to bring itself to America, all around the world so we could try this new chocolate.