On June 14, 2015, Nick and Jack Savage came home from a high school party at about 12:30 pm. The next morning, their mother, Becky Savage tried waking up Jack but he was unresponsive. She called for Nick, he was in the basement with friends, but he showed up . She quickly called 911. When the first responders arrived they tried to wake up Jack but then one of the men went down to the basement and yelled asking for a coroner.


Both of the boys were pronounced dead. They both had died by accidentally overdosing from hydrocodone and alcohol. Becky Savage says that boys had never had any problems with alcohol or drugs, They just made a bad choice that had horrible consequences .

Becky Savage was asked to give a speech about local drinking and she was told that only 15 to 20 people there, but about 200 people came.  Then the family realized how their story could impact other families


The Savage family started 525 Foundation, its named after Jack´s hockey shirt number 5 and Nick´s hockey shirt number 25. 525 Foundation is about making sure that more families don’t go through that pain that they went through.


525 Foundation is also making making a difference by teaming up with local law enforcement to hold pill drop-offs, where people can safely dispose of unused prescription drugs to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. Over 1,500 pills were collected at three pill drop-offs. Becky Savage and her family will continue to spread the message to stay away from drugs and will honor the memory of Jack and Nick Savage.