Maybe you think that the iPhone X is boring. Well then feast your eyes on the new iPhone X Tesla that is custom-made by Russian accessory maker Caviar. It sells for $4,587. You may wonder, “What is so unique about this iPhone X?”  It can harness the power of the sun by solar panels that have been placed on the back of the phone. All you have to do to charge the phone is place it on its screen, let the sun hit the solar panels, and then wait for your phone to charge. The phone also has a super premium case (with gold accents and carbon fiber) that comes already attached to the phone when you receive it.

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IPhone X Tesla

The phone comes with a certificate of authenticity and one-year warranty, it ships free, and Caviar says that the transaction is accompanied by a personal consultant and you only pay after a detailed inspection of the phone. The $4.5K price tag gets you the 64GB iPhone X model, but you can pay $4,829 for 256GB. The only difference is $329. It is limited to 999 units. The first copy is going to be received by Elon Musk because he is the owner of Tesla. Caviar does claim it retains the IP67 dust and water resistance, just in case it falls in water.