The AI (Artificial Intelligence) research company OpenAL created an AI system that is so extraordinary at composing a text that the researchers behind it said they won’t release it in fear of how it could be misused.  Researchers have used AI to generate text for decades and it has always done a good job but researchers believed it could be better. In recent years technology has advanced greatly. OpenAl’s initial goal is for the system to come up with the next word in a sentence by considering the words that came before. To make this happen, the system was trained on 8 million web pages. OpenAl released some demos to show how convincing and creepy the computerized text was. Some people commented on how the demos sounded like written copies of deepfakes which are faces posted on someone else or a video of a person.

Some positive effects of the AI system are that it will help writers pen crisper copies and that it can improve voice assistants in speakerphones.  Some negative impacts that the AI may be that you can use it to create false but true-sounding news stories and social media posts. This AI could cause more harm than good because it could start a war. That is why the researchers who created this AI decided to not release it.  Many people argue that the researchers did the wrong thing by not releasing the AI.