Do you know what CJSF is?

The California Junior Scholarship Federation {CJSF} is an organization that is statewide and the purpose of it’s high standard scholarships is the service, and citizenship in middle school grades. GMS offers this amazing organization which allows students to apply and get the chance of  being a five semester scholar. CJSF also allows them to go on field trips to amusement parks like Knotts, Universal Studios, and etc. CJSF is available for the sixth graders at the start of the second semester and it goes all the way ’til the second semester of 8th grade. If a student become a five semester scholar, they get the chance to sit in front during the ceremony and the chance to give a speech.

Many kids miss out on their chance of being a five semester scholar. If you have the grades, you should definitely apply! Every student who wishes to participate must have a certain amount of points to qualify. To get points, students need to do community service, help out at school, and tutor other students. Students must have the required points to apply for scholarship, or they won’t be able to participate in the program. CJSF gets kids’ community service hours in by making it a requirement to join the program. This program also goes throughout high school. CJSF is a great organization, and it allows many students to apply.