Written by: J.K.Rowling  

Book Review:

In my opinion, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is an amazing book.  Reading this book makes u feel like your in a cloud of emotions. It makes you happy, sad, angry, confused, and curious. If you haven’t read any Harry Potter books I’m thinking your first thought of it would be that they’re super long, boring, and they have words in them that you can’t even pronounce. That’s what I thought about it at first too. I mean they are super long and have words in them that I can’t pronounce but that is honestly what I like about them aside from how interesting they are.

Before reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  I thought it would have started with him being in Hogwarts already but that wasn’t the case.  Harry’s parents died in a car crash or that’s what his terrible aunt and uncle told him. Harry was an orphan so he was stuck with them. They hated him, his parents, and most especially magic. They didn’t treat him like family at all. He slept in a tiny room under the stairs.

Many people at Hogwarts knew who he was, for example, Ron and Hermione. What Harry didn’t know was that both of them would soon turn up to be his best friends for life. Harry got told he was a wizard and he was wanted at Hogwarts by Hagrid. He met his best friend on the bus on the way to Hogwarts. There he made many enemies and many friends. Harry and his friends later found out that the stone was hidden in Hogwarts.  Harry and his friends went through many confusing things to try to get to it before it was in the wrong hands. They figured one of their enemies were after it, actually they were sure but they were wrong. Again this is an amazing book I really recommend u read it!