Why are we so obsessed with seeing the day to day life of celebrities? Everyday every single one of us makes choices. But why do we choose to look at the lives of celebrities? Often times we look at celebrities because we need a distraction from our normal lives. Sometimes the distraction we get from looking at celebrities’ pages isn’t good because then we start to compare our lives with theirs. So why do we obsess over celebrities if all we do is compare? A handful of celebrities are not even good role models because some do drugs and post it, others say racist things. Often times we dislike those celebrities but our obsession takes over and we still look at their pages. But all we are doing is making the celebrities more famous if we look at their pages, even if we don’t like it.

Lizty Flores, 8th grader,  says, “The celebrities that I am obsessed with are the Dolan Twins.  The Dolan Twins are social media influencers. They always make my day so much better if I am feeling down. The Dolan Twins always make me fill with laughter.” I feel like we shouldn’t have to rely on celebrities to make us feel better. We should rely on our friends and family. Although celebrities give a good distraction sometimes, it’s good to rely on the people that are in our own life that will always be there for us.