1. This hack is usually used when you don’t have a ruler and your in desperate need of one. Only if your teacher allows it take out your phone and use the sides to make strait lines. If your teacher doesn’t allow you to take out your pit you can use many other things, For example, a book or a binder.

2.  If you need to make a perfect circle at school but don’t have a compass just take a paper clip fold it back so it would make an s. put your pencil next to the top of the s hold the bottom and just make a circle.

3.  If you hate it when your textbook closes when u let go of it use a pen to hold it down. What I mean by this is that you could clip the side part of your pen to the pages and hold it down.

4. Make your lock screen your schedule for the first few weeks so u save some time finding it if u lose it.

5. Color code your note books so u can grab the right one if that doesn’t work for u write the name of the subject on top.

6. If your a heavy sleeper and can’t wake up to your alarm for school in the morning  turn on the volume to high set your alarm and put your phone in a glass cup it will increase the volume and wake u up in no time.

7. Keep gum in your backpack it helps prevent headaches and make u concentrate better if gum isn’t allowed at your school use mint.

8.  If you’re ever tired at school and feel like taking a nap color using really colorful colors and write motivational things about yourself it wakes u up a bit.

9.  Once you wake up play a playlist of your favorite songs or put your favorite show on you won’t go back to sleep.

10.  After writing a paper use google translate to listen to it and fix your mistakes.