Researches and health organizations are seeing the increase of children and teens becoming unhealthy. The American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatric are requesting taxes on sugary drinks, limiting advertisements, and more specific nutrition information on packages. These organizations are encouraging kids to be more thoughtful about what they are consuming. Researches are seeing obesity rates rise and many are concerned about the effects of these unhealthy beverages. These effects include heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Dr. Natalia Muth wrote, ¨This is a call to policy makers to take action, Enough is enough. We really need bigger changes, more changes.¨ Throughout America children and teens should be aware about their diet and the after affects. 3 students at GMS said how much soda they are drinking in a week. 8th grader Alexa Magana said, ¨I drink soda about 4 times a week.¨ 8th grader Silvia Obispo said, ¨I don´t really like soda but I only drink 2 sodas in a month.¨