The banners in the quad have been there ever since the new school year started for 2019. It is something interesting that was put into Griffiths. These banners show Griffiths’ and Warren’s extracurriculars.  The pictures on these banners were taken by Griffiths staff, including the principal Dr. Bertsch. The banners were a great idea because it allows students to see the path way between Griffiths and Warren, however; Griffiths did not come up with this idea alone. Warren high school reached out to the school first. Warren wanted to show the students of GMS the transitions from middle school to high school, especially to the 8th graders. Dr.Bertsch hopes that students see the possibilities of high school, the connection the school is trying to put out there, what they can do in their high school year, and that there is a feeling of excitement within them. As the school can see, there are students on the banners. Dr. Bertsch wishes that those students feel honored to be on there, for they are representing the difference and connection. The true significance for these banners is that the whole community, which includes Griffiths students, staff, and parents, can see the transitions from Griffiths to Warren. And recently they have put new banners on the cafeteria building. It’s awesome for staff showing students and others what we do here and such a smart way to decorate the school.