There is a California bill calling for later start times for California schools. For decades many doctors, educators, and politicians have wanted middle schools and high schools to start as late as 8:30 am. There has been many people who have argued that having a later start can affect the students by improving attendance, grades, and graduation rates. This is currently happening in California the governor has yet again put a stop to this for now. The bill began because of a numerous amount of people who agree that having a late start can improve how much sleep students are getting, and most kids wake up at 6:30 am and sleep late so they are losing their eight hours of sleep. If the bill were to be passed it would affect all of California including GMS, instead of starting at 7:55 am, we could be starting as late as 8:30 am.

Since this would be affecting GMS many students have different opinions of what they think about this bill being passed. Sabrina Santos is a eighth grader at GMS who agrees with the bill being passed and said ” I think this bill would be a good idea because for me it’s hard enough for me to come to school on time since I am always so tired in the morning.” Erica Lopez another eighth grader who attends GMS disagrees with the bill being passed and said ” I don’t think the bill should be passed because if we were to start later we would get extra sleep, but than we would be leaving school later and some of us have sports after school so we wouldn’t have time to prepare for them.” Lastly, Berlin Ventura also an eighth grader agrees with yes the bill should be passed and also no it shouldn’t and she said ” I agree with both sides because I wake up early if there is school or not and also we have been so used to waking up early it would affect our class schedules because they would have to get pushed back a bit later.”