Cops in California around the city of San Bernardino got a call that said a pig was walking around the neighborhood. They quickly went in to action to save this pig. Pigs mostly eat everything without getting sick so, Doritos don’t affect them if your wondering. The best things pigs can eat are pig pellets and vegatables, but they do break there healthy chain once in a while and eat meat and other unhealthy things. This pig wasn’t small at all it was almost the size of a baby horse. The pig is also very smart so he/she was able to smell the really good scent of nacho cheese . Deputies Shelly Ponce and Ashleigh Berg enjoyed helping the pig get home. Deputy Ponce described it as lots of fun. They found out where he or she lived by making a lot of phone calls. Instead of one of the deputies eating Doritos for lunch a pig did.So as in the end the pig got safe home thanks to they the cops who led it home and helped it find its way.