A lot of students complain that they should have school lockers. Students want lockers because many have back pains from their backpacks being too heavy. Lockers  can reduce the back pain and it can also make your things safe and secure. Back pains can occur at school and when students get more books for school.This relates to GMS because our school doesn’t have lockers for class. Some of these students gave their opinion on this.

A 7th grader named Isabella Sanchez said that she wants lockers “…because, students shouldn’t have their backpacks on all day. It can cause damage to the spine of your back of how heavy your backpack is.”

A 7th grader named Faith Jenkins said carrying a backpack can “… cause back problems in the future.”

A 7th grader named Bawanpreet Aujila said ” Yes we should have lockers because with our heavy backpacks, this can cause scoliosis.”