Should we allow rolling backpacks at school? I think that we should not allow rolling backpacks at school mainly because they could be dangerous, costly, and a big distraction.

  1. Dangerous. We shouldn’t allow rolling backpacks at school because students trip over the rolling backpacks while walking to other classes, at lunch, or during snack. Since the rolling backpack is behind the person they don’t see what there blocking or about to hit. So they other peoples way and they trip our the backpack.
  2. Cost. Compared to regular backpacks, rolling backpacks are expensive for students. A regular backpack would cost just about $30,  and rolling backpacks cost around $50 more. Are they worth it?
  3. Noise. The amount of noise the backpacks make is huge. I know this noise because I have a friend that has a rolling backpack, and its really loud. Some other students have this backpack and walking past a class can distract some students that are doing work in classes. The blacktop makes this noise even louder.

The accidents, cost, and noise, are reasons we should not allow these rolling backpacks. Parents should not have to pay the more money for a backpack that just causes problems.