We all have different emotions about the school year ending. Also, future GMS students will be getting a brand new principal that will lead GMS to success. After a long year that was full of testing, projects, homework, field trips, and much more, we now have less than a month left of school. This happened because after a fun filled year that seemed so long there is always an ending to every story. . The end of the school year isn’t just happening at GMS, it’s happening all over the world.

 All the fun of lawn parties, dances, and events has distracted us after months and months went by and now we are at the end. This relates to GMS because not only does the school year affect the students, but also the teachers as they also get a break. It’s exciting that the school year is ending because it means a summer break, but it’s coming back to school that makes you very nervous.

I interviewed some current eighth graders to see what they have to say about high school and their last few weeks at GMS. Jasleen Padda said, “The end of the year seemed so far, and now it’s here! Middle school had it’s ups and downs, but I made it.” Mayra Gonzalez, another eighth grader, stated, “These last years here at GMS went by so quick!  I’m gonna miss the memories I made here, but there’s room for more.” Lastly Michelle Jimenez said, “It’s been a rocky year, but we are almost at the end! I had so much fun at GMS so can’t wait for the future”. All of these students had a different perspective on how they feel for the end of the year.