Written By: Izel Baltazar and Mia Rodriguez

  Have you listened to the Thunderbird Thundercast yet? The Thundercast is Griffith’s podcast. 


The podcast is very enjoyable to listen to and is also a fantastic way to hear what is going on around school. You can check out the Thundercast on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. The podcast includes Mr. Plant, Mr. Wharton, Mr. Quimby, Mr. Bohlinger, and a new special guest or guests each time a new podcast is released. The Thundercast has some exciting things coming soon.

You may wonder who came up with the idea of the Thundercast or how long the Thundercast will last for.While in an interview my partner and I  asked, “ Who came up with the idea of starting a podcast and how it was inspired?” Mr. Plant replied by saying,“I came up with the idea and it was overall a great way to talk to Griffiths families.” We also asked, “How long do you think the Thundercast will last?” Mr. Plant and Mr. Wharton both answered, “Our hope is to continue as long as we are able to communicate with parents for many years to come.” Which is a goal we all hope will be accomplished. Have you ever wondered what topics the Thundercast will talk about? A couple of topics that the Thundercast will cover is making sure the schools website is up to date, social media, grades, character counts, school construction, and the return of back to school.

The podcast is a great way to hear what events are going on around school and overall is great to listen too. Make sure to listen to the podcast. Who do you think the new guest or guests are going to be on the podcast?