Polar bears rely on sea ice in almost every aspect in their life’s to survive. They hunt, travel, find shelter, and mate on ice.So the less ice there is the less time they will have to do all those things. Researchers have noticed that polar bears have become thinner since it is now harder for them to find food and shelter for them to reproduce.since sea ice has been melting earlier in the season polar bears tend to find land and spend more time on it. Since they have been farther away from sea and more on land this causes them to have a harder time to find food like seals and fish, making them thinner. Their body types should ranged at a 3 (fat) from 1-3 to stay warm, researchers have analyzed 352 bears and not even 50 were considered fat. Sea ice melting has also caused an impact in the reproduction of baby cubs. Female polar bears have had more cubs when ice was more widely spread, although because of climate change I’ve has been melting very rapidly the past few years. Since polar bears have become thinner they have had fewer cubs. Polar bears have now been moving towards residential areas which has caused them to be seen more by humans. They have been heading away from their habitats to find food and a new safer habitat to stay at. Polar bears are considered vulnerable species one level below “ endangered l.’’ If climate change/ global warming continues to get worse then eventually polar bears will be an endangered species.