An onion-looking room made out of six layers of steel and concrete, fiberglass wedges attached on the floor, and walls and ceilings that prevent any sound from coming in.  This is what makes up the quietest room in the world.

This room in Microsoft’s headquarters at Redmond, Washington, is the most quietest room in the world according to the 2015 Guinness World Record. The room is so quiet, that you could hear your own heartbeat and your own bones making a scraping noise when you move.  The room is -20dB, which means it´s under the sound of normal human hearing. To compare, at 60dB is the sound of a normal conversation.  Hundraj Gopal, a hearing and speech scientist, and the principal designer of the room, says, ¨As soon as one enters the room, one immediately feels a strange and unique sensation which is hard to describe.¨

What is the room used for? The anechoic chambers (the room) is used for testing noises and sounds coming from products, specifically from a high degree of scientific reliability.  Microsoft is known for its technology like speakers, microphones, headphones, and computers. So, to test out the sound of these things, they have to have complete silence to test out if there’s anything wrong with the sound.

Would you want to go inside this room?