The covid – 19 virus is now a worldwide epidemic. There are more than  4 million cases in the whole entire world. In the U.S. alone there are more than 1 million cases almost 2 million. A lot of people confuse the corona virus with the seasonal flu but the corona is much more severe than the flu. The virus does not come at high risk to children , although some children have got infected with the virus most cases say it is adults who catch the virus

In the U.S alone there are more than 1 million cases.    The exact amount on this day for Los Angeles is 31,677.  There are  3,282 people hospitalized in California and 1,256 people are in the ICU .  There are more confirmed cases in people who are aged from 50-64 than people who are 65 and older. Most nursing homes have account for staggering share of U.S. deaths.

Most people are confusing the Corona virus with the flu. The Corona virus is much more severe and deadly than the flu. Some symptoms of the flu are  fever, chills, cough , congestion, runny nose, muscle aches , and headaches. Since the corona virus has most symptoms of the flu most people don’t even know they have the virus until they start getting shortness of breath/ difficulty breathing , and new lost of taste or smell and even blueish lips.

Most symptoms in children are cold- like symptoms, fever , runny nose, and cough. Vomiting and diarrhea have also been reported symptoms in kids. Children can still pass on the virus to others who may be at higher risk.

We need to remain 6 feet apart and stay home so we can stay safe and save lives!