Caeleb Villanueva 4/14/17 (TECH)

So Microsoft is going to release its new console. The PS4 vs. Xbox One and Sony has the PS4 Pro, but what does Microsoft have? Well, they released a project that goes by the name Xbox Project Scorpio. But, the question is, will it be good and will it be able to compete with the PS4 Pro. And fans are already saying yes.

With its “Scorpio Engine” it is has 326GBs of memory bandwidth and they’re already claiming that it will be the “most powerful console gaming processor ever created”. It also has a “Vapor Chamber”  The Scorpio will be the first home console to use “advanced liquid cooling to ensure the Scorpio Engine will stay cool”. To add to that it has what they’re calling the “Centrifugal Fan” to maximize the cooling  with “minimum noise” but, we’ll have to wait to see how “minimum” the noise is in person.

Some specs they included with this new console is true 4k gaming, 6 teraflops GPU, 2.3 GHZ custom CPU, 1TB HDD storage, 12 GB GDDR5 memory, the previously mentioned memory bandwidth, HDR game and entertainment, and finally 4k UHD, but that’s is just the specs for the true nerds out there.

It will be compatible with Xbox One games and some accessories, so you don’t have to waste money on new ones and throw the old ones out. It is said to be released during holiday 2017. But how does a “PS4 Fanboy” see this? Well as one myself I never had an Xbox, but this new Project Scorpio looks interesting and worth the buy. Well we still have to wait to get some more information on it, so the wait commences. Here is their website to learn more.

Microsoft – Project Scorpio