Almost Everyone knows what airpods are. They are apple made earbuds that have no wire. There are 3 types of airpods, airpods, AirPods Pro, and airpods max. But how do they compare to other companies earbuds. Here we will show you the difference between them.

The Regular Airpods Cost 120-200 dollars depending where you buy it. They have all the Siri features that your phone has. The Regular airpods come with the charging case and the left and right airpods. It also comes with a charging cable. The charging case has a 24+ hour battery life. The airpods have up to a 5 hour battery life in one charge. The time it takes to charge is only 15 minutes.

The AirPods Pro Cost 200-250 dollars also depending where you buy. The AirPods Pro has a noise cancellation feature which means they can block out background noise. They also have a transparency feature which means you can hear the background noise without taking off the AirPod. The AirPods Pro comes with a charging cable, the charging case, the airpods, and a customizable tip. The customizable tips come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The medium size already comes on the airpods so you will have to change it if it doesn’t fit. You can also test the fit with your phone. The charging case has a 24+ hour battery life. The Airpods come with a 4.5 hour battery life. Only 20 minutes to charge.

The Airpods Max Cost 550$ dollars. Unlike the other Airpods these are not earbuds and instead are headphones. The Airpods Max come in different colors which are silver, Pink, Green, Space gray, and Sky blue. The AirPod Max has everything the AirPods Pro has with more to offer. The battery life is 20 hours.

Now we can compare the airpods to other bluetooth headphones.

Vs. Powerbeats Pro. The Powerbeats cost 250$ dollars. The Powerbeats have up to 9 hour listening. The Powerbeats are Sweat and water resistant. When you get your beats it will come with the charging case and the powerbeats. The powerbeats have really good sound quality. Here The only way the beats beat the airpods are in the battery life. The airpods beat the beats in price.

VS. Samsung galaxy buds. The Galaxy buds cost 130-150 dollars depending where you buy. The galaxy buds have an 11 hour battery life per charge. Inside the box will come the galaxy buds and their charging case. They have different audio types.

In the end all earbuds have different things to offer and are all great in their own way.