Written by: Miranda Flores, Jamilet Gaspar


   The movie “Mulan” is an action and adventure movie about a 16 year old girl who had talent that nobody acknowledged, until she proved them wrong. We enjoyed this movie because it showed the viewers that women could be strong too, this could change little girls’ mindset about their gender.

   This movie takes place in Northern China, in the 15th century. It stars Liu Yifei as Hua Mulan. Mulan takes her father’s place in a war because of his injury, but only men can fight. Because of Mulan’s wits and determination, she pretends to be a man, and fights in the war against Rouran army.

   In our opinion Liu Yifei was a good person to play Mulan because she did her own stunts and she picked everything up quickly like her lines and how to do the scenes.

   Our favorite part about the movie is the fact that Mulan is not only a very good fighter, but she’s also a quick and smart thinker. There are multiple parts in the movie where Mulan saves many people by just her quick-thinking.

   Anybody can enjoy this movie, but because of the fact that it isn’t comedy or a cartoon like the first Mulan movie, it could be boring to younger kids. In the end I think ages 9+ and people who like an adventure could really enjoy watching this movie.