Written by: Bianca Enriquez, Aolani Lopez, and Delaney Arrazola


     As schools are considering reopening, many students will be going to do this learning model called hybrid learning. Hybrid learning is a new learning way for kids to go to school 2 times a week and stay home doing distance learning for 3 day out of the week. It’s a safe way for kids to be safe at school germ free. Parents have the option to send their kids back to school to do Hybrid learning, or if they want their kids to stay at home continuing distance learning.


     Students will be put into cohort A or cohort B based on their last name. If you have siblings in the district they will be in the same cohort. Students in cohort A will be going to school on Mondays and Thursdays while cohort B will go on Tuesdays and Fridays, and all students will zoom on Wednesdays. Students will only attend 3 classes a day except for Wednesday when they’re on zoom, and in person school will only be from 8:30 to 12:30 since kids will have to have their meals at home where they are safe.


     It is mandatory for students to wear face masks and use hand sanitizer frequently when on campus, and there will even be hand sanitizer in common areas. Classrooms will be providing desk shields to ensure all students safety. When walking to their classes, students will notice that most of their desks are about 6 feet apart, and that there are very minimum students. When the period is over everyone will sanitize and clean their work area before heading to the next class.  There will be on way directions throughout the building to limit contact with others. The school will also have assigned entry and exit points for students that will also help prevent contact with others.


     Having appropriate covering is very important so that is why Downey District has asked to wear a mask that fits and covers your nose, mouth, and chin at all times. Certain masks like bandannas, lace, mesh, or crocheted are examples of masks that the district doesn’t approve of. Schools will also be handing out face masks to students without a mask so everyone can stay safe.


     Overall, it is going to be very different when students are able to go back to school, and many of the students will find it challenging, but education is our number one priority.