By Cyani Rodriguez and Lilian Teran

Have you ever heard of Recycled clothing at H&M? Do you want to learn about it? Here are some cool facts about them recycling clothes at H&M…. 

Fast fashion chain H&M, wants to turn discarded clothes into something new to wear again! The problems H&M are trying to solve are global clothing waste. You might ask what is fast fashion? Well fast fashion makes shopping for clothes more affordable but it comes at an environmental cost. This takes place at a H&M in Sweden. How this all works is a customer will be able to bring in a garment they don’t want, which will then be cleaned and put into a machine called Looop. The machine will disassemble it and shred it into fibers that are then used to create three different clothing items. Looop can also handle more than one garment at a time. This can also be helpful to the environment because the system uses no water and no chemicals that provide a significantly lower environmental impact than when producing garments from scratch. We recently interviewed two students, Fatmah Abuhadba and Alondra Estrada, about what they think about recycling clothes at H&M. Fatmah Abuhadba said “I don’t think that it’s wrong because it’s clothes and I’m pretty sure it’s clean. I think it’s okay that they recycle clothes.” Alondra said “I think that it’s a great idea because it can help not spend a lot of money on new materials”. We then asked them if the process should be available all over the world, Alondra said “They should because it will help the environment a lot and it wouldn’t be such a waste of clothing”. Fatmah said “Maybe not all over the world but around the world.”