Recently Trump signed an executive order so the Dakota Access Pipeline can continue to get constructed.The Dakota Access pipeline is supposedly going to cost 3.8 billion dollars,Trump favors this pipeline getting built because he says it will bring many jobs.On the other hand many people gathered on February 5th to protest the pipeline getting built. Many Native Americans say that the pipeline will threaten grounds that they hold sacred.The protest took place in Downtown L.A.,but before Trump had signed the executive order there were many Native Americans protesting right by were the access pipeline was being built.Many of them had brought there tepees and were arms crossed facing the police. After doing that for a long time Obama had stopped the access pipeline from continuing to get built. However, our new president, Trump signed for it continue on,which caused for the protest and the more to come.This pipeline is supposedly going to  bring oil from Alberta, Canada, and Nebraska, where it would connect to an existing pipeline to bring the crude to Illinois and generate tens of millions of dollars in property taxes annually to counties along the proposed route. Since Trump signed the executive order this pipeline will continue getting built but the protests will also continue.

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