By Jolie Attalla April-14-2017

Palm Sunday attacks: 44 dead, more than 100 injured in church bombings carried out by ISIS in Egypt. Sunday’s first blast happened at St. George Church in the Nile Delta town of Tanta, where at least 27 people were killed and 78 others wounded, A second explosion – which Egypt’s Interior Ministry says was caused by a suicide bomber who tried to storm St. Mark’s Cathedral in the coastal city of Alexandria – left at least 17 dead, and 48 injured. Christians are expecting more attacks since it’s the holy week and Easter is coming up soon.

How the attacks unfolded:  The first blast ripped through a Palm Sunday service at St. George’s Church in Tanta, An explosive device had been planted under a seat in the main prayer hall, Not long afterward, a suicide bomber attacked outside St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria, Police officers who had been posted outside the church stopped a man wearing an explosive belt from entering the church, the Interior Ministry said. Two of those officers, a man and a woman, were killed, along with civilians and other police staff.

ISIS response to the attacks: ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks via its Aamaq media agency, following the group’s recent video vowing to step up attacks against Christians, who the group describes as “infidels” empowering the West against Muslims. ‘CHRISTIANS ARE OUR FAVORITE PREY,’ ISIS SAYS. Their goal was to fan the sectarian discord between Christians and Muslims in Egypt and the world, to undercut Mr. Sisi’s pledges to resist Islamist terror and defend the Christian minority, and to spread fear throughout Egypt

President Donald Trump tweeted that he is “so sad to hear of the terrorist attack” against the U.S. ally but added that he has “great confidence” that el-Sissi, “will handle the situation properly.”  but no matter how many people tweet about it or talk about it we will never get back the lives of those innocent people back, and even after this attack people went back to the same churches and held prayers,  people showed up probably more than ever and people were praying harder than ever so they can show ISIS that taking innocent lives won’t stop them from following their religion.