We can agree that pranks have been a huge part of YouTube even YouTube itself has acknowledged and profited from this in the grand tradition of You’ve Been Framed!, the videos are hugely popular and often rack up millions of views, and the biggest YouTubers are often pranksters like PRANK VS. PRANK with over 2,423,212 subscribers and 373,372,775 views but pranking doesn´t always turn out as well as you hope for the latest incident it led to a father and a stepmother losing custody of two of their children as a result of some of their prank videos. The parents first defended the videos, posted on the DaddyOFive account as a harmless family activity that the children enjoyed but later on they backtracked saying that the videos to be fake and scripted, and issued an apology  Heather Martin told Good Morning America“We did do pranks, but most of the time the kids knew about them and they were planned.” The Maryland couple who played elaborate “pranks” on their children ranked with more than 760,000 subscribers and the clips were viewed more than 176 million times. Ranking up millions of views on YouTube before critics accused them of abuse, other YouTubers  like Philip DeFranco with more than five million subscribers to his channel, was among the first to criticise the parents, calling their treatment abuse. Those parents could end up losing two of their children after their biological mother obtained a court order for temporary custody. There are five school-age children, frequently brought to the point of tears, while their parents pretend to destroy an Xbox or accuse the children of making messes they had not made.  The videos have been deleted from the account, but you can probably still find their videos laying around somewhere.  YouTube didn’t have a specific comment on the DaddyOFive case, but it confirmed that ads were removed from the channel. Image result for Children Taken From Couple After YouTube ‘Prank’ Videos

They look like a normal family to me maybe the parents weren’t lying and it was acting and the kids are just really good actors or maybe it was real and the kids are better of being taken away from them. Who knows if the truth will ever unfold we´ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think? Were the pranks real or fake? Should the children be given back?

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