The small country in the middle east, Syria has been bombed by the United States. The country Syria has been in a civil war for about six years, and is still going. The government of President Bashar Assad are fighting against people who want a new government. They are also, fighting an islamic state known as Isis. Russia supports Assad, but America doesn’t. The strike that the hit an airbase in Syria, were approved by Donald Trump. He said, Syria’s government were using chemical weapons to kill innocent people. The U.S. military took measurements to avoid hurting innocent people. The U.S. and Russia made an agreement in 2013 saying that Russia would help, stop the chemical weapons the Syrians were using. Russia being an ally of Syria, keep Military Forces in Syria, and the U.S. tried to avoid hurting any of the Russian military forces in Syria. Republicans in America support Trump, but Democrats don’t fully support Trump’s decision, in the strike. Trump also, did not ask congress for approval for the strike. Some people say that Assad should pay for what he has done, but they are also saying that Trump should of asked for approval, to land a strike in Syria. A Pentagon spokesperson, Captain Jeff Davis said,”The airplanes from the airfield were used in Tuesday’s chemical attack, the equipment was severely damaged”. The U.S. has been bombing Syria for years, but it wasn’t until Thursday that the U.S. took military action against the Syrian government. The chemical used in Syria was most likely a deadly one called sarin. Senator John McCain said, he recommended that the U.S. military should’ve taken down the Syrian planes instead of the airfield. Overall, what do you think should’ve been done.