By: Daniela Lopez

Donald Trump has added a special feature to his new and improved desk, a red button.  Many people have asked the question about what it does.  Well, it was revealed in an interview with The Associated Press, on Sunday, that the button brings him Coca-Cola.  The use of the button came in surprise for many people, but his love for junk food doesn’t.  Over the years Donald has been seen in tv ads promoting junk food like Ores, KFC, Pizza Hut, and many more. But, back in 2012 “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” In the same year, he also tweeted saying Coke products are “garbage”.


QUESTION: Donald Trump had a red button on his desk, what do you think it’s used for.


Amour Gonzalez- to send bombs to everywhere, cause mass destruction.

Alanah Leija- to call in secret service for protection

Paola Cano-Ban all Mexicans

Ezra Alemu- To give whites love. White Supremacy rules. (IM BLACK)

Audri Realin- to start a war

Natalie Ramirez- to call security

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